About 1•2•3 Lights

1•2•3 Lights is revolutionizing the way the world buys light fixtures.

With 1•2•3 Lights, you immediately skip the exhausting, drawn-out process of buying a light fixture and can enjoy it within days of your purchase. 

Traveling to a store, spending hours deciding on which fixture to purchase, and waiting 6-8 weeks for the fixture to be available is just half the battle. Even once your light fixture is delivered, now scheduling an electrician to install it is another prolonged process. But with 1•2•3 Lights, the process is gone forever!


Here's how it works with us:

1. We come to you with a large selection of light fixtures to choose from. Let us help you choose the perfect light fixture for your home and style.

2. Once you've selected your light fixture, our electricians are already scheduling to come to your house to install it. Installing will occur within just days of your selection.

3. Expect to enjoy your new light in the same week! 


Our idea came when one of our employees was remodeling her home. She was so frustrated with the constant back-and-forth with the lighting retail store and scheduling electricians to come to her house to do the installations. 

That's when it hit us: What if we could create a program that allows our customers to select, install, and enjoy their new light fixture within 48-72 hours of their selection! 

Let us show you how buying light fixtures can be as easy as 1•2•3! 


Our team is here to help! Whether you have a product question, would like to place an order or have a customer service issue we are ready to assist. If you have a question regarding order history or order status, you can also contact us regarding your order status. 

Phone: (330) 409-9109 
• New Orders, Existing Orders and General Questions
• Customer Service issues, including Returns or Damage/Defective product
Email: Sales@123Lights.com

• Orders:
Monday-Friday 8 AM - 5:30 PM
• Customer Service:
24 hours - 7 Days/week by email at Sales@123Lights.com

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