1. Why should I buy my light fixtures from you and not a traditional retail store?

    Traditional light fixture retail stores offer very limited in-stock options and have overhead costs built into their lights, driving up the cost of their light fixtures. We show you only products that we have in stock, unless you request otherwise. Whereas a traditional retail store will make you wait 6-8 for a light that you ordered, and then make you pick it up at their store, as well as not offer installation services without absurd additional costs, 123 Lights will deliver lights in 48-72 hours directly to your door and install it for you that same day!


    2. Your lights are much less expensive than those at a traditional retail store. Are they the same quality?

    123 Lights’ fixtures are made from quality resources, more often than not surpassing the quality of fixtures sold at traditional retail stores. The secret is in the lack of overhead of a retail location. Most traditional retail stores are building in their mortgage, utility, capital expenditure, and maintenance costs into their price tags. Whereas 123 Lights has no overwhelming retail center that requires the overhead of these traditional stores.


    3. How quickly will you deliver and install my light fixture?

    Our turnaround time is 48-72 hours between a signed agreement and delivery/installation (depending on if you choose to have installation completed by our team), excluding holidays. If you are looking at any products that are not 48-72 turnarounds, our team will inform you prior to you signing any agreement for the purchase/installation.

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